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Queer Times: An Analysis of David Levithan’s [Two Boys Kissing] – Angel Daniel Matos, Ph.D.

For generations the Scarborough women have been cursed to lose their minds by the time they turn eighteen, shortly after giving birth to a daughter who will suffer the same terrible fate. To break the curse, Lucy must perform three impossible tasks as laid out in the ballad of the Elfin Knight. None of the Scarborough woman have been able to break the curse, and Lucy finds herself in a terrifying race to save herself and her unborn daughter from befalling the same tragic outcome.

What Lucy has that no one else did, however, is a secret letter, and the love of her foster parents Soledad and Leo, and her oldest friend Zach.

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Impossible at first glance seems to be yet another tale of modern day faerie, where cruel otherworldly beings derive their entertainment at the suffering of mortals. But the harsh curse is only the catalyst to the story; Impossible is really about the strength of love to overcome even the most hopeless, impossible trials. This is a story about relationships, between Lucy and her parents, and Lucy and her old neighbor Zach.

From the beginning of the novel, it is clear that Lucy is a sensible girl, serious about her future, and a good daughter and friend. As the story unfolds, readers see how much Miranda wanted to save her daughter, and how much she loved Lucy even before giving birth to her. She does it because it is important to her daughter, and that is enough for her. The whole idea behind Impossible is that alone and without help, Lucy would fail in her attempts to break the curse—but with unconditional love, she is able to do what no other Scarborough woman has.

While I thought it was sweet and all, especially in the early chapters Zach gradually realizes that he has always loved Lucy, Lucy is oblivious to his feelings , it had some undeniably corny moments. For example:. I loved you for that. I want to hold you; I want to hold me. You are so gorgeous I can hardly believe it. You make me laugh; you make me cry. Nothing matters but you. In any case, I did appreciate the love story between Zach and Lucy, and I felt sympathetic toward both young characters. Besides the characters and their relationships, Impossible is also a well written novel with a gripping plot.

There was significantly less time spent on Lucy, her parents and Zach trying to figure out how to perform the impossible tasks—which makes sense, as I mentioned before this is more of a tale about love and relationships. However, I was a little disappointed that the solution to the last task s was so hasty and underdeveloped—I was expecting something more metaphorical.

Also, I was more than a little annoyed with none of the humans realizing that the Elfin Knight was in their midst. In spite of all my nitpicking, however, I could not separate myself from this novel and I highly enjoyed it. Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Remember me to one who lives there She must be a true love of mine. From the sting of my curse she can never be free Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Unless she unravels my riddlings three She will be a true love of mine.

Additional Thoughts: If you are a fan of Impossible and are looking for similar books, you might want to try out some of these other tales of curses and faeries:. Verdict: A solid, enjoyable book. Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers. By day, she does digital operations things over at Penguin Random House. WOW what an excellent review.

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I think this just went on the TBB pile. Thanks for your insight. Great review — this really helps me to decide to go for it and get the book! And man, do I really want to have strong words with Keenan. This sounds very fresh! In spite of being light on character development, which is sort of important to me. And I am usually so broooooke. I am the vague silhouette of devious darkness cover. Beneath my cold, hard exterior is an even colder, harder interior, obviously.

I like covers in which there are not real life humans on them. I want my fictional fun people. I actually hate dust jackets. I would rather the design just be ON the book.

Dust jackets often get in my way then I accidentally destroy them and I refuse to read with them on and they are just frustrating. Hufflepuffs are lovely. I so agree about humans on covers! I'm not a fan I mean, I do like ones that are silhouettes or wearing those excellently lovely dresses. Shit happens. I love the idea of those epic swords but seriously who has the muscles for that. I read books and take naps.


I got the Artistic Explosion, and that is accurate and totally what I would do for my book covers if my arting skill was better than it was. Or, you know, I had the money to pay other artists to explode. My second choice would have been the weaponry one, because I have a mild addiction to putting weapons on my covers.

Like cakes. And stone columns. You know, the ones that think that skin sells.

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Weapons ARE awesome on covers! Your quiz said I was the boring and dull one but not gonna lie those were my fave covers out of the lot simple ifinditcute itsmyaesthetic teehee. Love this list!!! But there is a YA in there. I am the Vague Silhouette of Devious Darkness cover. Maybe that was the problem?

The Host terrifies me. Also: LOL those categories.

They are accurate. And a fiendishly excellent manoeuvre to include ALL the covers in this top I love the artistic explosions the best honestly!! New post from Cait. Lol, this is so true… all YA book covers seem to fit into these catagories…. Oh I love them all a bit!!

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  8. Hence why I changed my blog slogan to world domination. I might need to be more witty. I would be a Vague silhouette I think ts perfect because those are my favorite covers! Sorry, for the short comment, I have a class in a sec.

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    I love any kind and just appreciate chatting with you, Leah!! I am the Little Mermaid Drowning Cover. Wait, what? And yes, I am absolutely someone who buys books depending on their cover. Like We Are Okay. Or the hardcover of The Hate U give. I mean, I should offer you a floatation device?? Also I wanted the Hate U Give hardcover so bad instead of the paperback because aesthetic. Cause imagine we put all books in uniform sleeves.