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Their submission guidelines list different sub-sections for different word counts 6, — 12, words for their Lunchbox Romance line; 20 — 30, words for their Romantisode line, etc. They accept full manuscripts with pretty specific style and formatting guidelines, so make sure you read their submissions page carefully before emailing. Vinspire is a publisher founded by four women on the basis of offering a little bit of everything suitable. However, they occasionally will have a day when anyone can submit check the website for those dates.

They distribute through major retailers and have print-on-demand for all titles.

The 10 best romance novels of 2018

Their submission guidelines include a grocery list of requirements, so be sure to read them carefully before you send them your stuff. Get an edge by hiring a developmental editor. City Lights.

City Lights is looking for anything romantic. Dreamspinner publishes a gay male romance and likes books that focus on the relationship more than the plot. Also, they want all stories to have happy endings, monogamous or polyamorous. You can find other open calls on their submissions page. That page also has links to their two imprints: one for stories of gay British commonwealth and one for specialty genre fiction, so be sure to check both of those out.

But really, they do focus on Southern romance books. They like publishing new voices but also take publishing vets looking for another home.

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One thing BelleBooks puts in bold under their submission guidelines is that simultaneous submissions are only accepted by an editor. Other than that, they have an extensive FAQ that should prepare you for sending them your stuff. EverAfter has only been around since , but they already have a long list of publications behind their name. Overnight Publishing knows it has readers looking for all kinds of romance.

Entangled is an independent publisher that has racked up over 1, titles since But Entangled as a whole is all about romance. From their submissions page , you can find links to submit to all their different imprints to find the one that best suits your manuscript. Harlequin is pretty cool about their promotion of books. But basically, what Harlequin as a whole is looking for is good romance.

Their submission process seems like it would be a breeze as long as they can read it, format everything however you want! Their submission guidelines outline specifics like preferred word count for each genre and how to format, so be sure to read it closely. They are building off two retired publishers Wicked Velvet and Wicked Castle , so much of their erotica comes from that influence. They do mainly eBooks, but some of their titles are published in print. You can either get published by them or publish with them both of which, of course, must first be accepted.

And for some of the more obscure sub-genres, thank goodness, they have explanations for the weirdness. Yes, this publisher is exactly what it sounds like. Unapologetically explicit, House of Erotica is only for the spiciest of the spicy romances. They prefer works over 30, words, and if the work is accepted, they will design the cover free of charge. And yes, I deliberately picked the least steamy titles I could find. Sourcebooks is an independent publisher that takes all genres of work, but Casablanca , their romantic fiction imprint, is currently seeking submissions.

They want 85,, words, so make sure you have an epic on your hands before sending it in. One of the criteria is a hook so good it sells the book in the first two or three sentences—so even though your manuscript is long, make sure it catches your readers from page one. Make sure your submission for Written in the Stars follows their specific guidelines and not the generic guidelines from Less Than.

Diversion is looking to open doors for new writers and reignite flames in old writers. They publish many genres, but their romance section focuses on contemporary and historical fiction. Changeling Press accepts a lot of different kinds of fiction. Right now, their call is for contemporary and futuristic romance in a variety of themes, with what they call only one heat level: HOT. Ankara was founded by four black women interested in getting more voices from women like them. Read their full guidelines and how exactly to submit via email here. Good news: Tule is currently accepting submissions!

While not strictly romance they publish other genres of fiction, as long as the protagonist is an LGBTQ character , that is the category they are strongest in. While sometimes closed, Riptide is currently open for unagented submissions. They only list one huge no under their guidelines : No deaths. They also happen to be looking for romance, of basically any wholesome genre.

Inkspell is looking for interesting, captivating romances with unlikely heroes, werewolves who fall in love, lonely dragons—but also charming cowboys, meet-cute strangers, the hot neighbor next door. They basically want the usual for submissions, but check the guidelines so you have everything down to a tee. Red Sage is looking for romance, but they want quality writing and plot development as well. They also want something that they can tell the author was interested in writing, not something the writer is doing for money.

Check their submission guidelines for more info on this awesome philosophy and to figure out how to send your work—which better be something you love! They publish under the idea that not all romance novels have to be sexy.

50 Must-Read Gay Romance Novels

They take any romance sub-genres except erotica, obviously and also have a smaller selection of non-romance genres. To submit , they have a private message widget to get in touch. This is a great list, but I need someone to read part of my novel who has experience getting published, so they can decide which publisher to approach.

This was great help, but I would like your opinion of the prologue of my book. If you navigate long enough and finally get to the submissions, it tells you that you must be represented by an agent.

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Did I miss something? Please help. Thanks for letting me know! What a great list!

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Thank you! One teeny favor: Please check it. Thanks again. Thank you for this great list. Thank God, there are people like you to help us find our way.

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