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Touch the Top of the World: A Blind Man's Journey to Clim and millions of other books are available for instant access.​ Erik Weihenmayer was born with retinoscheses, a degenerative eye disorder that would leave him blind by the age of thirteen.​ His latest book is No Barriers: A.
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Luke 18:35-43

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Chef shares recipes to reduce inflammation from new cookbook. Britney Spears' sister shares 3 throwback photos to mark the pop star's birthday. I actually found it less cold while we were in motion than I had sitting out at the tables, perhaps because there were so many crammed into a not-so-big space. I liked the complementary flavors of graham cracker and roasted marshmallow, though I managed to make a little bit of a mess. After consuming and washing up as best we could, we took seats around the fire and continued the merriment.

By this point, nearing 8 PM, I needed to place myself in front of a blasting heater and feel my fingers again. So I suggested this as gently as I could, and the party was already kind of breaking up anyway. Just as we readied for departure, a cute German Shepherd wanted to introduce himself to me by aggressively trying to leap into my lap. I found it amusing though, as I love dogs. And that was about the crux of it. And it sure did give me a new appreciation for being warm! More adventures await. I remember a time long ago when 40 was old. All the cliches apply: the ever-faster revolving roll of toilet paper that represents time; the lengthening field of decisions, some good and some questionable, that litter the path behind me, and the unrealistic view of the past that often makes me feel that I want to go back.

While I do miss plenty from my former life iterations, I think the more important thing to do as I enter a new decade is to look both forward and at what I have around me right now. And what I have is a log.

First, I am very blessed with my wonderful wife, who gives me a gentle nudge when the alarm buzzes, due to my unaided hearing. I reluctantly slide out of bed to start the workday, assuming a position on my knees where I sort of meditate while gathering my clothing. It helps me to sort my thoughts and get ready to head in. Another individual who makes me feel blessed is my four-legged therapist.

eSight on Rachael Ray: Gene Sees for the First Time!

And if you have one, you likely know of what I speak. She saunters over to my table as I spoon some breakfast in, and bangs on my chair asking for a pet. I often wonder if she does this solely for herself, or because she wants me to feel better as I prepare to face the world. Studies have shown, and I know it to be true, that dogs have an uncanny ability to sense the underlying social and emotional needs of the humans with whom they live.

It gives early-morning amusement, though. And in looking forward, the last five years of my adulthood have been the best of said period hands down. Certainly a large part of that is due to my partner, but it also comes from the idea that maybe finally, this career thing is getting into motion.

Remember the Technical Writing project I wrote about way back in July? Well, after a month of quiet, it moved into the next phase. I have officially started training with an organization called SourceAmerica, with whom I suppose my company has a partnership. These folks have as their mission to help people with disabilities find better employment. To that end, they have created a series of training courses online that offer different test modules at the end to check what the individual has learned.

I have been registered for 24 of them, running the gamut from writing-related issues to accessibility, and even addressing my need to gain confidence and decrease shyness in the work setting. I am liking them thus farm though some of the courses present tests that are difficult for me to complete on this Mac. Anyhow, as you read this I am sadly on the way to work. NO birthday off for me this year, as I sucked up so much of my time earlier. Hopefully it will still be a good day though. Thank you all for helping it to be so just by caring. Life, at least my life, is largely defined by the journeys on which I embark.

These can be solo excursions, or as has been the case for me during the last five years, partnered jaunts that open up my perceptions of travel in a way I cannot often get when alone. We set out on Thursday August 22nd by the light of the moon, and returned on the 25th fairly early in the morning.

The Blind Man

It was our first road trip of this magnitude, with the four of us actually riding in one vehicle to a destination, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. I had gone to the National Holocaust Museum, so the concept and floor plan were similar. Instead of going up though, as you do in the latter, we descended into the bowels of the earth, where we would begin our trek through African American history. The first thing you feel is claustrophobic, being stuffed into a fairly narrow space with people pouring through it. We believe they created this pinned-in feeling on purpose, so that we would get as much of a sense of what the sailing was like as is possible in a building.

The history, or what we saw of it anyway, was pretty much the stuff you know about: the Civil War and Reconstruction, Jim Crow and segregation, and the fight for civil rights.

43 Years Blind, Man Regains Sight - CBS News

They did make it come to life though even for this blind person, with tons of audio and even artifacts, such as a train car that designated where the two races should sit, a Whites Only waiting room, and the like. The most poignant exhibit there, and the only one of which no one could take photos, was the Emmett Till Memorial. First, we had to stand in a long line to enter. Then, we passed a casket at the door, and listened especially to his mother speak about why she wanted his body to be presented at the funeral in the same way that it had been mangled by those who killed him in Mississippi.

Many cried. After this point, the museum takes on a generally lighter feel by highlighting the achievements of well-known basketball players and media personalities like Oprah, who has a significant stake in the museum. I also like that they have a Contemplation Room that allows you to come to terms with whatever you felt while seeing the tough exhibits and meditate near a fountain.

Finally, we found the gift shop nearly impossible to enter, because the line was really long. My wife had intended to purchase a magnet, but gave up on this pursuit when the rest of our party called in search of us. If you have been to DC, you know that it seems to rain nearly every day there. All four times I have visited have ended in soaked clothes, if not shivering cold. While we did not encounter the latter this time, it was late August after all, we did end up running through a gentle but steady drip to a restaurant called the Penn Quarter at Pennsylvania Avenue.

My cousin and I both opted for Chili Cheese Burgers, his turkey and mine beef. We marveled, because the server took all of our orders without taking anything down. While our wives were away, she ambled back over to the table to ask about which burgers we had indeed ordered. The place got louder as more people packed inn but it remained easy to hold conversation.

We contemplated taking the Metro back to our hotel, as the rain had finally stopped by this point. But they decided that the logistics would be too confusing, so we grabbed another Uber and headed back in.

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By the time we hit that door though, my tiredness instantly caught up with me and I dove under for an hour and a half. I have no idea when I last walked like that, but ultimately it did feel good.

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The circle of life spins on, and eventually brings us back movies of our childhood. I have to admit, before going to see The Lion King with my wife, two of her sisters, and a nephew and niece who are young kids, I wondered why bother. But I thought that other than that, the movie would be the same. But before I go into detail about my thoughts, I wanted to note the experience of obtaining audio description so that I would know what was going on. You can read a prior post I made with this title if you want a deeper sense of what audio description is.