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Set the Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes - book cover, description, publication history.
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Set the stars alight

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Injuries hit the squad hard, giving more playing opportunities to players like Martin Kelly , John Flanagan and more. The youngsters impressed and instantly drew more attention to Liverpool's youth teams. All Liverpool fans will know that the club's true problem spot is left back. Many have been linked, but King Kenny has found it more important to make some other attacking purchases. Or perhaps, the manager has refrained from buying such a player because he realizes that he has one of the most promising young left backs among his ranks already!

Whatever this is, Poe is bracing himself to get through it. Her disease progressed pretty slowly until her fifties so the doctors were always hopeful, but somehow Kylo Ren digging around in my head caused damage to the nerves. Poe nods, tapping his right temple with a fingertip. Of course, Finn thinks distantly, his brain picking it all apart. The specialist I saw on Coruscant concurs. They made me an extremely complicated set of glasses with lenses that will adjust as my vision declines, up to a point.

Finn goes back to his rapidly shuffling understanding of Poe Dameron. He likes to leave the lights on, too; Finn is almost always the one to shutter them in darkness before they finally drift to sleep. Something akin to shame makes Finn clench his hands into fists. Finn cranes his neck back. But for Poe BB-8 has always been more than a co-pilot. As Finn is filing this away, the implication of what Poe is saying suddenly hits him. A shudder runs down to his toes.

He realizes his own eyes are wet only when Poe reaches up to brush gently at his lashes. You bullied me through rehab when it got so hard I wanted to quit, which was about ten times a day. You introduced me to your friends and made sure I never felt alone.

Set the Stars Alight

Poe looks down at their feet, color rising in his face. This is the rest of my life. This is He considers reminding Poe that a few centimeters deeper and that lightsaber slash could have left him without the use of his legs, but decides that is a conversation for another day. He shakes his head, noting the deepening shadows as the sun sinks lower behind his back.

He shuffles his feet so he can feel the warmth on the side of his face. Poe squeezes his bicep hard enough to leave an impression, looking stricken. As always, it begins with a vigorous argument over whose favorite gets the pick. Finn has the least investment given that he grew up in a sanitized entertainment bubble, so he waits patiently while the others duke it out.

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Poe drums his fingers on the arm of the sofa. Everybody groans, including Finn. Finn shrugs, mimes removing a helmet, and dips down for a properly theatrical embrace. Cheers and whistles erupt all over the rec room.

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  • Finn is still thinking up how to get his revenge for Poe giving him that look over the rims during their last strategy session with command. She swats his hand away in irritation and then suddenly crashes into him. What Luke actually proposes is helping Poe develop his other senses to compensate for his fading sight.

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    Finn offers to join him in meditation from time to time, though he has a tendency to fall asleep. Poe blames this new training regimen for a number of changes to his daily life, from delegating certain missions and leadership responsibilities to his more-than-capable team, to scheduling actual downtime instead of crashing when his fuel cells finally run dry. And there are more ordinary days when he gets moody or bitter or depressed. Mostly he copes by sparring with Snap in the training room, baking delicate pastries with Jess, hiking out to find rare flowers and medicinal plants with Rey, teaching some hero-worshipping new recruit to play simple chords on his guitar and also Nien, who has surprisingly decent rhythm.

    Finn will be waiting when he gets home, to peel him out of his flightsuit and lay his glasses carefully aside and kiss him until the scent of ozone and engine oil fills up his lungs. They leave the lights on. Finn is used to it by now, the way Poe watches him. He says this once to Finn, in private, and again after a close call on an Order outpost. All of them. When the Resistance relocates several months after Starkiller, the first thing he does is drag Finn up to the rooftop of a crumbling municipal building so they can watch a new sun sink into a wide green ocean the second thing he does is comm Rey to ask when she wants to hit the beach in the morning.

    The way everyone in the control room snaps to attention when General Organa speaks. She rarely needs to raise her voice and she is always willing to listen to an opposing viewpoint or a left-field suggestion. Poe tells him that she was a friend to his parents, his mother especially; he has a holo of Shara and Leia standing side by side, dressed for flight.

    Finn wishes he could have seen them together, leading armies and swapping stories, in the days before their sons took up arms on opposite sides of a fault line. This leads to an argument about the trashy Inner Core reality programs to which Jess and Finn are addicted. She grew up roaming the lower levels of Coruscant and Finn grew up, well, FN, so they both enjoy turning their noses up at the vapid upper crust in their enormous mansions. The vivid blue glow of a legend once thought lost. And whatever color the blade turns out to be when Rey finally constructs a new one.

    He, Finn, and a few other interested parties have picked up some pointers in case they face another stranded-in-the-woods-with-Kylo-Ren scenario, but Rey wields the saber and the Force like she was born to it which, Finn supposes, she was.


    A streak of laser fire on a black starfield. Poe was born to the sky and the stars.

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    He said something before that too, but Finn was a little distracted by the measured, leisurely pull on his cock. Every fourth or fifth stroke Poe will slip out of rhythm, his thumb catching beneath the head or his fingers rippling one by one, and Finn is about to lose his damn mind trying to follow the logic. Poe stops touching him, ignoring his whine of protest to prod him onto his side, facing the window. He cants his head back to listen, willing his hard-on to stand down. Poe huffs a laugh into the shell of his ear, laying an arm over his ribs.

    How many people can say that? Or that they overcame twenty-odd years of brainwashing to become the good person they were always meant to be? He does what Poe did when Finn started fighting for the Resistance, before he began following Dr. Kalonia and the med droids around until they gave him something to do during his off hours.

    The First Order controls an entire system on the Outer Rim; its five habitable planets include half a dozen mining colonies, a prison complex, and according to new reports, a stormtrooper training camp. When she adds this she looks to Finn, bent forward over the holoprojector table. Finn lets out a breath and nods. Poe leans into his side a little before straightening to hear his own orders. The general fought hard to maintain military autonomy but she still has to negotiate with Republic leadership, negotiations which include a command delegation at this briefing.

    The speaker, a tall Dorean woman in a Republican Navy dress uniform, is gesturing to Poe with open skepticism. Finn feels his face flush with anger. He opens his mouth, but holds his tongue when Poe trods on his foot. Admiral Statura glances between Poe and General Organa. Perhaps Captain Wexley might be better suited to run this particular operation. Poe and Snap share a long look. Finn locks his arms behind his back to prevent himself from reaching out in some entirely unprofessional manner, to Poe or to Snap or both.

    Snap was the first person aside from Poe and Leia to accept Finn, the turncoat in their midst. Cephra purses her lips but concedes, and the assembly returns to planning a complicated, multi-pronged attack on the Peryx system. They both have a mission to complete.