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Love is the stillness between thoughts. Love is the safe space of wisdom. Love is the clear light of creativity. Love is the gentle attendant of.
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Now consider that if someone were trying to explain such a psychological elevator ride-say, to the twelfth floor-to a person who had never been above the second floor, the conversation would appear mystical for the simple reason that he would be talking about the as yet unknown. What I have discovered in my life and in my practice is that the easiest way to measure your current level of consciousness is to tune into your mood.

When you are feeling low angry, frustrated, stressed out, uncomfortable, unwell, etc. But the more time you spend hanging out in your own good feelings, the easier it is to hear the quiet wisdom that can lead to a quantum leap in consciousness from wherever you are to whatever it is that is truly possible. The secret lies in Thought.

3 Principles and non-duality: Bringing love back to the conversation

We worry over nothing. To forgive is to forget, so you have to forget the past to forgive. When you look in the mirror, you see an innocent person.

Understanding The Three Principles

How much better than that can you get? That you have the freedom to walk through life and see as a free thinker, that is the greatest gift ever, to be a free thinker. I have probably written and spoken more about the principle of Thought than any other single thing in the 19 years or so that I have been writing and teaching, so rather than write more here I will finish with another couple of excerpts from Syd about how these three principles fit together in the creation of our lives and ourselves:.

Mind is the intelligence of all things; Consciousness makes you aware; and Thought is like the rudder of a ship. It guides you through life and if you learn to use that rudder properly, you can guide your way through life far better than you ever imagined. You can go from one reality to another. He will say something to you that will trigger something inside you. Contact Us.

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And yet, the more we get into the implications of living in a Mind, Consciousness, and Thought-created reality, the further away we seem to get from the very feeling which drew us into the conversation in the first place. For me, this came to a head a number of years ago after a seminar I was co-leading that had gone extremely well. We spent several hours with a group going through the inside-out understanding of experience, taking individual examples of experiences people had which seemed to be coming from their life circumstances and demonstrating in each case how the experience had only and completely come from their own thinking.

She kindly but conspiratorially asked me if I was open to a bit of feedback.

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As it happened I was, and what she whispered in my ear has changed the way I think about and teach the principles to this day:. We were teaching people a better way of using their minds and managing their feelings, based on a more accurate description of how the mind works. Syd was waking people up to the divine nature of their soul. We wake up to the deepest part of ourselves — our divine, impersonal nature.

There are many ways to connect with and rekindle your relationship with your soul, but the most effective way is to rid yourself of the obstacles that come between you and your purity of thought. You can begin the process of nourishing the soul by living in the present moment, in the now. Just let them go, realize that they are nothing more than fleeting thoughts, and you will soon be on your way to finding the peace of mind you seek, with loving feelings for yourself and others bringing joy and contentment to your life.

In other words, when we see Thought for what it is, we no longer feel we have to be so careful with our thoughts.